Crafternoon time - rediscovering a love for embroidery!

embroidery hoop ferns craft

When I was applying for my degree course I couldn't decide what to apply for, I loved print and I loved embroidery so I applied for textile design courses and eventually ended up at Nottingham Trent, where I specialised in printed textiles.

fern embroidery art hoop craft

When I first started my business I was making little embroidered animal felt brooches, which I loved to make but they took me a long time. I gradually started doing much more illustration and that's the direction my work took.

houseplant embroidery hoop art

We've been holding lots of crafternoon meet ups in our little group of craft loving friends and I've totally rediscovered how much I love embroidery. I've really enjoyed turning my illustrations into embroideries so I'm hoping to make more of these! Below are some of the brooches I used to sell in my etsy shop!

felt brooches by Kate Broughton

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