Stick and stitch embroidery - wildflowers - Part two - Poppy, Scarlet Pimpernel and Musk Mallow

My 'stick and stitch' designs are simplified versions of my illustrations, printed onto a dissolvable stabiliser. They stick to the fabric and you can use them as a guide to stitch over the top. When the design is finished you can run it under warm water and the stabiliser washes away. This means you can use them as you like, using whatever kind of stitching you like, and you don't have to keep inside the lines because once you wash the stabiliser away only your stitching is left.

You can put them on any fabric (though they seem to stick best on woven, non stretchy fabrics).  Here I have been using them on a plain cotton in embroidery hoops.

Really enjoyed the different petal shapes here and also the bright colours! I filled out all the petals, stems and leaves and left the centre of the flowers until the end.

I finished the poppy off with black French knots, I'm wishing now that I'd used a dark grey instead of black because you can't really see them.

For the musk mallow I used a few French knots in two different colours.

I finished the scarlet pimpernel flowers off with a brownish thread and some yellow French knots, and pale green stitches between the petals.

See the full collection of designs here.

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