Behind the Scenes - My workspaces over the years

I started my business back in 2009 when I made embroidered animal brooches and designed some cards. Back then my workspace consisted of a coffee table. In 2011 we moved to a one bed flat in the centre of Nottingham, I finally had some space to work... a small desk in the corner of the room, and some shelves in the hallway. The best thing about this workspace was the light that came in through those beautiful windows!

By early 2014 we decided to relocate up to Yorkshire to my home town of Otley. We were both now working from home so we rented a house with a large enough room that we could both share. It was a lovely attic room with space for two huge desks and more storage than I'd had for my work before.

I had a separate desk for packing orders, a corner for my printers and lots of storage under the eaves. It worked really well for a couple of years, but as I had to keep more supplies of materials etc. the space started to feel smaller. We started looking for our first house to buy, still in Otley, and a nice big workspace was high on the priority list. Here's a pic from us looking around the new house. The biggest bedroom looked like it would be perfect for a studio, and it had a cute little fireplace!

A lick of paint and a lot of shelves later and this has been turned into a great shared studio...

 Still room for the all important packing table too...

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